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Name:Arnold J. Rimmer, BSc. SSc.
Location:Red Dwarf
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Arnold J. Rimmer

Second Technician, Red Dwarf Mining Vessel


Arnold J. Rimmer, generally called "smeghead," "arsehole," "git," and on very rare occasions "Ace," is the arrogant, neurotic, high-strung, self-loathing Second Technician aboard the space ship Red Dwarf. His forehead is marked with an H for "hologram." Technically dead, the ship's computer resurrected him as a hologram to keep the ship's sole human survivor, Dave Lister, from going insane from isolation. Instead, Lister can go insane from having to put up with Rimmer. Rimmer is convinced that someday he will pass his astro-navigation exam and become an officer. It hasn't happened any time in the last decade, nor probably will in the next decade either.

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Name: Arnold Judas Rimmer
Age: That' interesting and difficult question. He died when he was around 30ish, and since his death three million years passed, during which he was offline, and then later a hiatus of another few hundred years passed and he was offline again, and at one point he went back in time and ended up trapped on a planet populated by his clones for 600 years. But he looks roughly in his mid 30s.
Physical description: Rimmer is 5'11'' with a surprisingly athletic build. His hair is brown and very curly, his eyes hazel. He has enormous nostrils and ears that stick out. A large blocky "H" is stuck to the middle of his forehead, marking his status as a hologram. (It can be knocked eschew or removed, however, indicating that it's more like clothing than an intrinsic part of his hologram body.)

Skills: Rimmer is excellent at running away, fleeing, and generally being a coward. This despite the fact that, as a hologram, he's practically indestructible. As second technician, he also knows how to perform basic maintenance tasks.

This is a role playing journal. I am not Rimmer (thank goodness) or anyone affiliated with Red Dwarf. No copyright infringement is intended and no profit is being made.

Interests (14):

20th century telephone poles, alexander the great, alexander the great's chief eunuch, astronavigation for dummies, esperanto, failing to learn esperanto, general patton, hammond organ music, holiday slide shows, military history, morris dancing, napoleon, risk, short hair cuts
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