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Your name or online alias: Rafe
Your email: rowlandsrm AT gmail
Another preferred means of contact: [ profile] Blackletter
Character's Full Name: Arnold Judas Rimmer
Character's Canon: Red Dwarf
Character's Canon Point: between Season 6 and Season 7
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] arnold_j_rimmer
What would you like your character's tag to be?: arnold rimmer

Character's background (their past and present):

Rimmer was raised on Io sometime in the 23rd century by a shrewish, stern mother who had multiple affairs and a martinet of a father who was bitter that he was too short to be admitted into the Space Corps and so brutally pushed his sons to succeed where he had failed. Rimmer's three bullying older brothers became successful Space Corps officers (although one seems to have lied about that) but Rimmer was forever the disappointment of the family (and himself). He divorced his parents when he was 14 and joined the Jupiter Mining Corporation section of the Space Corps when he was 16. He worked as a technician for 14 years with only one promotion, from third technician to second technician. At the start of the series, he was the second lowest ranking person on Red Dwarf, holding superior rank only to Lister.

He died in a radiation leak that killed the entire crew aside from Lister, who was in stasis at the time. Three million years later, when the computer AI (aka "Holly") took Lister out of stasis, deeming the radiation finally sufficiently low to be safe, Rimmer was revived as a hologram to provide Lister with human company and keep him from going insane. Red Dwarf could only keep one hologram active at a time and Rimmer was the person with whom Lister had exchanged the greatest number of words. (Even if many of those words were "Smeg off, arsehole.") Also on board was a humanoid creature named Cat who was the evolutionary descendant of the offspring of Lister's cat. Later, a mechanoid servant joins their small crew as well. Rimmer's personality in death was just as it had been in life, and he and the small crew of Red Dwarf have many peculiar adventures, during which Rimmer runs away from danger whenever possible, despite being a soft-light hologram without physical form and therefore very difficult to physically hurt. Eventually, he was given a hard-light form, allowing him to touch physical objects. He could also now experience pain although his body was still almost indestructible. As the highest ranking official crew member left on the ship, he thinks of himself as the commanding officer of Red Dwarf, although everyone else pretty much just thinks of him as a smeghead.

Character's personality:

The most immediately obvious things about Rimmer's personality is that he's an arrogant, neurotic, uptight git and a rank coward with few redeeming qualities. He's the sort of person who tries to enforce petty regulations on other people, but when they inconvenience him tries weasel his way out of them. He has little sense of loyalty or fairness and his idea of a good time is to regale people for hours with a blow by blow description of a game of Risk he played years ago. Needless to say, he's not very popular.

He likes to think of himself as an officer and a gentleman soon-to-be and admires great military commanders of history. Thus, he prefers to always wear a neat uniform, short hair, and keeps his personal space fussily tidy, in contrast to his bunk mate Lister's casually slobby habits. He stands straight, practices his salute, and does everything he can to give the impression of being officer material (minus having any actual competence).

Underneath the pomposity and exaggerated belief in his potential, however, lies a deeply intense self loathing. As much as he tries to pretend otherwise, he knows he's unlikable, unsuccessful, incompetent and he despises who he is, but lacks the will to change. He occasionally shows brief glimmers of positive traits. He sacrifices an officer position on a hologram ship because a woman he just met sacrificed herself for him to give him her position. And he occasionally shows concern for Lister, such as when Lister was sick with a disease that manifested his confidence and paranoia as people and Rimmer attempted to convince Lister that he was still ill and needed to rest and recuperate. But these moments of un-gittishness are few and far between. He's hypothetically capable of being a better person. One of his alternate reality counterparts (Arnold "Ace" Rimmer) was brave, smart, hardworking, liked and respected and was a hero and test pilot in the Space Corps. And the divergence in their timelines was nothing more than the simple matter that Ace was held back a year in school and the experience taught him to knuckle down and apply himself properly whereas Rimmer was not. But there's little of anything visibly Ace-like in Rimmer.

Rimmer is motivated entirely by his desire to get ahead, to be "successful" in the narrow way in which he has come to define success (ie-get promotions, have power over people, "up, up, up the ziggurat" as he calls it). He has no special plans of what to do with power once he has it, he just wants to have it for the sake of being important and respected and to prove that he can excel. That said, he's not very motivated to actually do the things he'd need to do to become an officer, preferring to make study schedules or spend hours working out how to cheat than spend that time actually studying, and then blames his parents, Lister, anyone but himself when he inevitably fails.

Character's skills/abilities/powers: Rimmer has the super power of being the world's biggest smeghead, arsehole, git, and blowhard. He's also technically almost unkillable and can switch between a soft-light and hard-light hologram body. He doesn't need air, isn't affected by radiation, extreme temperatures, most viruses, etc. The light bee inside him that creates his hologrammatic body can be destroyed, but not easily. And as a Second Technician, and can repair vending machines and unclog stopped up chicken soup dispensers with the best of them.

Any special equipment your character is bringing along? This includes weaponry, magic items, etc.: Rimmer is bringing his light bee (and, in fact, is his light bee as it is the device that creates the hologram that is Arnold Rimmer. It also creates his clothing, but not other objects.

Are you bringing your character to [community profile] ten_fwd from another game? If you are, which game?: Nope.

If you answered yes above, briefly summarize how they were changed by and what challenges they faced in the climate of their previous game(s): N/A

Why do you want to play this character in Ten Forward, and what do you plan to do with them?
The idea of flinging Rimmer into the Star Trek universe greatly appeals for the potential hilarity. I plan for him to desperately want to become a Starfleet officer and fail at having any of the qualities he'd need (but that won't stop him from trying).

Writing Sample #1: Meme
Writing Sample #2 (optional): Ten Forward Test Drive


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